5 Things To Know Before Traveling To Cuba

I had the incredible opportunity recently to travel to and explore Cuba.

Nowhere in my travels, have I experienced anything like it.

The people of Cuba are some of the warmest, gentlest, and most caring people you will ever meet. They are as fascinated with you as you are with them.

With that being said they’re is a couple things to understand and realize, if you do plan on traveling to Cuba in the near future. [Read more...]

Top 3 Ways To Not Be Successful On Tinderr

I really wanted to come up with a productive post on the subject of Tinderr, but unlike some of my friends I have had no success on the app.

In essence, I wanted to make a valuable contribution to the outside world by posting The 3 things not to do on Tinderr. This list is a combination my own personal learning’s and the observing of other people who I have messaged. [Read more...]

3 Reasons To Run Facebook Ads From Non Branded Fan Pages

My fan page strategy is rather unique according to some people.  I currently operate currently hundreds of fan pages. I prefer to run Facebook ads from new fan pages that I build from scratch instead of the current fan pages of brands that I am currently running ads for.

Here are the three reasons why I make the argument that you should create new fan pages to run ads from. [Read more...]

Most Valuable Camper

Let me preface, I have come to grips that no matter what I do for work, I will always be an entrepreneur.  The life style I live now is a reflection of my childhood. I was always the unique one for better or worse. I never did anything by the book and always struggled with conforming to  social norms and i never fit in. I still hate those damn social norms. [Read more...]

How Sponsored Post Can Increase Your EdgeRank

Everybody wants to drive cost effective clicks on Facebook, they have the largest social audience on the web and a continuous flow of users coming back everyday.

If you have tried Facebook Ads before you have probably seen an option called “Sponsored Post”, and for most the terminology of measuring results from “Sponsored Post” might be rather ambiguous as Facebook in general does not do a great job of explaining their ad products. Sponsored Post though is the symbol of Facebook marketing as it embodies everything Facebook wants marketers to do which is drive incremental engagement through social conversation about a particular topic. [Read more...]

I Am Over My 20′s

Picture this, dodge ball balls are zipping by your face at 50+ miles per hour (maybe exaggerating) people are getting knocked to the floor, and body parts are being smashed all around you by these weird orange rubber balls that look like retarded oranges.

This was my reality in my recreation dodge ball league game but while on the court, I paused for a moment looked into the sky and had about 12 seconds of realism explode into my brain. [Read more...]

Secrets To Connecting {Physcology}

Sometimes my marketing life and my personal life seem to intersect in my continued journey to understand people. As I get older, I am starting to realize that the best way to understand people is to understand the purpose behind people’s their life’s actions.

It’s difficult sometimes to recognize this “purpose” cause most people are guarded. They usually mainly just state their facts and what they have done instead why they have done it. [Read more...]

How Facebook Distributes Impressions (Case Study)

First off let me state that my goal as a marketer on Facebook is to find the best converting ads/message to an ultra specific demographic or cohort of users. To do this, I need to find a way to get as many impressions as humanly possible within the demographic that I am targeting. As you know, Facebook sucks and is not going to do the marketer any favors.  [Read more...]

How Performing Stand Up Comedy is Just Like Online Marketing

In a past life I enjoyed performing at NYC area comedy clubs and doing my best to amuse highly successful drunk stooges with insane stories from my life. I got a lot of pleasure out of making people laugh at the random thoughts that bounce around my brain on a daily basis.

Back then, I had a rather cynical view of humanity that those who saw my shows tended to sympathize with and enjoy. Since moving to Los Angeles and being forced to endure LA drivers my less than positive take on humanity has only deepened.

[Read more...]

People Don’t Buy What You Do. They Buy Why You Do It





Not very often do I watch a video online and feel inspired to write about it. In this instance, I felt compelled to because this video enlisted so many thoughts in my mind as far as self-reflection that I feel others can benefit from it as well.

The video I am speaking of is here  originally it was shared to me on Facebook by a complete stranger or should I say a “Facebook Friend” same thing.

The main thoughts I took away from this video pertains to one of the most important areas of our life which is “attraction”. I don’t think I need to go into too much detail about the law of attraction, it has been repetitively re-marketed over and over again as a self help tool realization to the mass’s. I define the law of attraction, very simply as the set of rules that governs the individuals that walk in and out of our lives.

With this said, I have always had the theory that throughout life you are selling yourself no matter what the social situation may be. From the minute you walk on to a college campus, you are in a sense selling people on being your friend.

Fast-forward till later on in life, during your professional life you are selling people on hiring you, on giving you a market rate salary, and maybe even investing in an idea that you have. Overall, it can be argued that your ability to sell people is directly responsible for your long term happiness and success in life.

The point that this video hammers into my mind is that people buy your “purpose” first and foremost before anything else. They do not the perceived benefits friendships. They buy your ideas, thoughts, and dreams and thats why they are in your life..  Our minds work from the inside out and not the outside in, this statement in the video is something I just became keenly aware of, even though I have been leveraging it in online advertising campaigns for a while now.

Your message or purpose is the basis for everyone to follow. Self-achievement is based around purpose, how many people have you led through your beliefs or message? I answered this question and said “very little”.

After watching this video, it made me come to a realization that I have a ways to go as far as self improvement and to get to the point in life where I desire to get to.